I was born in Le Vigan, a small town located in the South of France. I studied at the University of Montpellier, Pharmacy and Medicine.

At this time, I have to the classic artist Marc Dautry, engraver and sculptor (Montauban) to have been very early initiated to the field of Art. Later I met the painter Bernard Louedin and developed a passion for the surrealist movement.  

I live and work now in Haute-Savoie, near Annecy (France) and Geneva (Switzerland).

At first, my professional activity as Doctor in Medical Biology did not predispose me to the practice of collage and photomontage, if not my passion for photography, surrealism, art, especially Man Ray, Dora Maar, Lee Miller, Max Ernst, Magritte, Hannah Höch, Jiri Kolar, Cieslewicz ….

The American photographer Josephine Sacabo introduced me to the art of photography, by inciting me to “always shift the reality”.

And this is the way I work for each of my collages : they are inspired by transposing  fragments of my life, where illusions, disillusions, fantasies and very personal concerns are mingled.

Beyond the research that each project involves (magazines of Art or Photography, newspapers, photographies, advertisings), beyond the time spent for realizing the work, beyond aesthetic concern, the final result often emerges from these contingencies and escape from the original idea to reveal its own sincerity.


University of Montpellier (Doctor in medical biology)

Training courses of photography during the “Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie» in Arles (France) with several artists :

        °  Josephine Sacabo (USA : New Orleans & NY)
°  Craig Koshyk  (Canada)
°  Alberto Garcia Alix  (Spain : Madrid)
°  Keiichi Tahara  (Japan & Paris)



Biennale of Photography of Versonnex (France, near Geneva), 2008 (collective exhibition) :

°  Unusual photographs of Venice (Italy)
°  Unusual photographs of Geneva (Switzerland)

Biennale of Photography of Versonnex 2010 (collective exhibition) :

°  Arles & bullfighting (Collages & photomontages)
°  Revisited Artworks (Collages & photomontages)

Company CPS, Parc Altaïs, Chavanod – Annecy : 1er Avril – 30 Août 2019

°  Collages & Photomontages